Taking shelter in the jungles, the Elves evolved from what remained of humanity in the aftermath of the apocalypse. Having forged a bond with the plantlife, Elves have mastered the art of defense.


Driven into the high mountains, the Dwarves are an evolution of humanity in the aftermath of the apocalypse. Weathered by their harsh domain, the Dwarves are unprecedented damage dealers.


Diving into the deep oceans, the Magi were once humans who struggled to survive in the aftermath of the apocalypse. Their unique magical adaptations provide the Magi with spells to manipulate their opponents.


When the Demons came to earth to raise the apocalypse, the angels bravely defended humanity. With their affinity for the divine, Angels’ healing power is unmatched.


The Demons brought the apocalypse to earth, and remain bent upon total annihilation. With no regard for self preservation they spread disease and famine with their very presence.